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Enhancing the Bond You Share
Enhancing the Bond You Share

Our Pet Care Services: What You Should Expect and More

For nearly 70 years, North Shore Veterinary Hospital has proudly offered AAHA-accredited animal health care in the Duluth area. Below is a full list of our veterinary services:

  • Acupuncture

    We embrace alternative pain management and healing techniques.

    Acupuncture Form

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  • Allergy testing

    Let’s get a jump on itching and other irritations caused by allergens.

  • Behavioral consultation

    We offer professional help when behavioral problems strain your relationship with your pet.

  • Cancer treatment

    We will guide you through the difficult journey this diagnosis brings.

  • Cardiology

    We get to know your cat or dog’s heart from the inside.

  • Dental care

    Your pet may not speak our language, but the mouth can tell us much about his or her overall health.

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  • Dermatology

    Itching and scratching do not have to be “paw” for the course. We can bring your pet comfort.

  • Diagnostics

    Advanced diagnostic tools and techniques help us heal your beloved pet.

  • Electrocardiology

    Our advanced equipment will monitor heart rate and rhythm and can detect any irregularities.

  • End-of-life

    This is the time to honor your beloved pet with compassionate care and afterlife services.

  • Endocrinology

    Diabetes and other diseases can be prevented or mitigated by our care.

  • Eye care

    From cataracts to blocked tear ducts, we provide high-quality pet eye care.

  • Flea and tick products

    It’s important to protect your pet against the many diseases these parasites carry in our area.

  • House calls

    We understand the importance of convenience, so we provide it through a range of services we can perform at your home.

  • In-house laboratory

    When it comes to diagnostics and treatment, time is of the essence. That’s why we have a laboratory on-site.

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  • Internal medicine

    Those little bodies have a lot going on inside, and we can diagnose, mitigate, and treat internal diseases and conditions.

  • Nutrition

    Your pet is what he or she eats, so we provide you with top-of-the-line prescription and maintenance diets.

  • Pain management

    Pain is an unavoidable part of life, but it shouldn’t persist unnecessarily. From medications to acupuncture, we can help your dog or cat get the comfort he or she deserves.

  • Pharmacy

    Effective treatment often begins with appropriate medication. We have a comprehensive pharmacy to meet these needs.

  • Puppy socialization class

    Start your relationship off on the right “paw” with guidance from one of our certified veterinary technicians.

  • Radiology

    We use digital x-rays for internal medicine and dental care. They’re fast, accurate, and easy to share with other experts.

  • Senior pet care

    Senior pets have unique healthcare needs, and our individualized approach to medicine makes sure those needs are met.

  • Spay and neuter

    These procedures don’t just prevent unwanted pregnancies, they also improve quality of life and help protect against a variety of conditions and diseases.

  • Surgery

    Successful surgery is all about equipment and experience. We have the best of both.

Surgery at North Shore Veterinary Hospital
  • Ultrasound

    An effective tool that’s noninvasive.

  • Vaccinations

    Disease prevention is a cornerstone of good health. We customize your pet’s vaccination protocol to fit his or her lifestyle.

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