Honoring Your Beloved Companion
Honoring Your Beloved Companion

Honoring a Life Well-Lived

Memorial Garden and Wall at North Shore Veterinary Hospital

At North Shore Veterinary Hospital, we understand that pets are family and deserve to be honored, both during and after life. The human-animal bond is unique and should be respected and remembered.

While the end-life-life process can be difficult, know that you aren’t alone — we’re here for you every step of the way. From helping you make the difficult euthanasia decision to making the process as stress-free as possible, we provide the guidance you need. We also offer several ways to privately or publicly honor the memory of your beloved companion.

The Euthanasia Decision

While the ability to provide humane euthanasia can be a blessing and can prevent unnecessary suffering, making the decision to euthanize can be very difficult. We’re comfortable discussing this option with you and have a number of resources to support you during this difficult time.

Preparing to Say Goodbye

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to euthanize your pet, there are a few additional options to consider:

  • Where will the euthanasia be performed?
  • Do you wish to be present for the euthanasia, and if so, what family members will also want to attend?
  • What do you want to say or do with your pet before he or she passes?
  • Do you wish to have cremation services or home burial?
  • If you choose cremation, do you wish to have the ashes returned to you? If so, do you want a special urn or other memorial container (we have several options available)?

Everyone reacts differently to loss and grief. There are many resources available to help prepare for the grieving process, including how this process can be different for our children during the various stages of their development. Please review these resources for additional information to help you and your family prepare for this loss.

Saying Goodbye

Comfort Room at North Shore Veterinary Hospital

At North Shore Veterinary Hospital, you have several euthanasia locations to choose from:

  • Our Comfort Room

    We recognize that you don’t want your last moments with your pet to be sterile or cold, which is why we created the Comfort Room. A place of warmth and peace, this room is larger and more comfortable to accommodate you and your family as you say goodbye.

  • Memorial garden

    Pet Memorial Wall at North Shore Veterinary HospitalWeather permitting, North Shore Veterinary Hospital maintains a beautiful, private garden space should you wish your pet’s last moments be spent outside.

  • Your home

    We make house calls so your pet is able to pass on in the comfort of a familiar home environment.

North Shore Veterinary Hospital can also help with body care options, including burying or cremating your pet.

Honoring Your Pet’s Memory

The bond you share with your pet deserves to be respected and remembered. Because of this, we offer several options to help our clients honor their pets once they have passed away:

  • Clay paws are a keepsake featuring your pet’s paw print and are available at no additional charge.
  • Our garden features memorial rocks that are decorated in honor of pets. Clients are welcome to bring a rock featuring their pet’s name to place in front of the wall for no charge.
  • For a fee, you may also memorialize your pet with a personalized, engraved plaque that is permanently mounted on the wall in our memorial garden.
  • Our online Pet Memorial Wall is a digital tool available on our website for clients to commemorate the memory of their late pet.

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