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Developing a Healthy Bond
Developing a Healthy Bond

Beginning the Journey

Welcoming a new pet into your home is a great joy. At North Shore Veterinary Hospital, we want to be active participants in your pet’s life by becoming a knowledgeable resource for you as you explore and strengthen your connection. During each visit, we’ll help you create a powerful, healthy bond with your animal through education, wellness, and training.

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Choosing the Right Pet

We want to help you and your pet develop the most rewarding relationship possible, and choosing the right companion is the first, most important step. Our goal is to help you find the best pet for your lifestyle – not just the cutest one! Remember, pet ownership is a long-term commitment, not an impulse buy.

For your convenience, we have gathered a variety of resources to aid in your decision-making process. Every species and breed has unique characteristics, and the closer those characteristics match your lifestyle, the healthier your relationship will be.

Links to Help You Choose the Right Pet:

Links to Help You Choose the Right Breed of Dog:

Proper Socialization

Puppy Socialization Class

Once you have selected a pet, it’s important to start your relationship off on the right paw. Developing a polite puppy also enhances the bond you share with your new companion.

As a new puppy owner, your responsibility is to continue the socialization process started by his or her littermates or breeder. Exposing your new pet to a variety of different stimuli (people, other animals, loud noises, etc.) helps acclimate your puppy to new experiences and helps ensure your pet has positive responses to the same stimuli as an adult.

We recommend a few "fun visits" to NSVH so your puppy has positive experiences at our clinic. Come in any time and tell the front desk you are here for a socialization visit, and they will know what to do. This is also a good way to get your puppy comfortable with car rides.

We encourage you to take your new puppy to a puppy socialization class or "puppy kindergarten". There are a number of training organizations in our area who offer this type of class.

Contact us for more information on proper pet socialization.

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