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Our Pet Care Services: Putting Our Values Into Practice

Veterinary Techs Evaluating X-rays

Our health care services are comprehensive and, more importantly, are delivered with compassion. We also take it one step further and focus on the bond between the animals we treat and their human companions. We recognize that we are caring for a member of your family, and we understand how our recommendations can impact your life.

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At NSVH, we listen to our clients’ needs and formulate individualized care plans that provide the best chance for positive outcomes. We manage pet care in the following ways:

  • Preventive Care

    From parasite prevention to nutritional counseling to general wellness programs, our veterinary staff provides the best options to keep your pet healthy.

  • Diagnostic Care

    In Duluth, we are well known for providing convenient, high-quality, comprehensive health care to thoroughly support your pet’s health. From digital x-rays and ultrasound to advanced anesthetic monitoring and a comprehensive in-house lab, we have the diagnostic tools needed to provide the best treatment possible. We also have well-trained staff to bridge the gap between technology and compassionate care.

Dental Xray
Abdomen Xray
Taking Dental Xray
  • Alternative Pet Care

    We believe in considering all options to enhance the health of your animal companion. We utilize acupuncture and some herbal medicine options, as well as a network of partners to provide specialty services such as therapeutic massage, rehabilitation, and chiropractic care.

  • House Calls: Bringing Care to Your Doorstep

    Our high-quality care doesn’t stop at our front door. It also extends to your front door. Our Mobile Wellness Clinic provides a convenient House Call Service to further meet our clients’ individualized needs. In addition to wellness care, our at-home end-of-life services provide much needed comfort during a very difficult time.

  • At-Home End-of-Life Care

    When it’s time to say goodbye, your family and beloved companion deserve a stress-free, peaceful environment. That’s why we offer at-home euthanasia and animal transport for cremation.

    Whether it’s in the living room, on the deck, or out by the lakeshore, we are honored to provide this service in a setting that is comfortable and familiar to your pet. Our Pet Loss Grief Library and Online Pet Memorials are two resources we offer to help you cope with your loss and honor the sacred human-pet bond.

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